Thursday, May 24, 2007

Specnaz Videos added

I added specnaz videos from YouTube.

It contains some systema motion.

Please enjoy.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Video Updated

I've updated systema video of Michael.
In this video, we can see Scott.
and enjoy everyone.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Systema Japan Seminar

Systema basisc training seminar by certified instructors will be held in Tokyo on May 12(Sat.), 2007.

For the non-experinced and beginners, they will teach the basic trainings such as breathing, figure of eight, ground and knife fighting, etc.

This will be a prepartion for 'Masters in Japan' seminar in September.
I'm sure everybody inerested in systema can attend and enjoy this seminar.

Time : May 12(Sat.) 9:30 ~ 16:30
Instructor : Andrew Cefai and Scott McQueen
Place : 品川区立総合体育館(JR五反田駅)
Cost : 8,000Yen

For more detalis, please visit

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The First Training session in Korea by an authorized instructor

On April 15,2007, we've got the first training session in Korea leaded by an authorized instructor; Mr.Scott McQueen.
Now, he is one of the most exellent teachers in Systema Japan.

Though he visited Korea on business, he gave us a very good chance of systema training. It was a wonderful chance for all of us. Total of 7 people, including Scott, started the training.

I think I can call it a "un petit (a small) seminar" by Scott. We say we enjoyed it very much and he looked like a chief commander of the ancient Roman empire shown in the movies.

We learnt a lot of things in spite of time limits (two and a half hours).
Through his teaching, I rearranged the basic 4 concepts of systema, such as, Breathing, Relaxation, Correct posture and Movement. And how they should be correlated with.
And we also had real experience of the basic preparation exercises of systema;pushups, situps and squatts. After that, his teaching of rolls, strikes, avoiding getting hit and the importance of being hit by partners during exercise gave us much ideas.

During the training session, we experienced some systema healing,too. I saw the relation between breathing and pain control, and pushups and blood congestion(and circulations) of our body. It was a new experience.

Personally, before training I had some sprain, pain and edema on my left foot and right arm, so, I had wondered if it could get worse after training. But the result showed me, myself, that the pain and edema changed for the better, improved!

We also glimpsed at psychology of confronting attacks of enemies.

I hope everyone joined in his training session could continue systema training by themselves.
At last, I ve'got training partners in Korea.

During the session he introduced us a cool and calm "teacher"; a Kazak whip,
but the other teacher, Scott, is so warm and friendly.

Thank you again for Scott's wonderful teaching and the chance of the first training session in Korea. And I must also thank Systema Japan (

I hope we could get more chances like this in Korea again!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Headquarters of Systema in Toronto

I have attended systema seminas and trainings in Japan several times.
And I 'm gonna visit this headquater near future.
This is one of the most amazing place where I want to visit and meet people.

Systema Korea homepage opened

This is the homepage of Systema Korea.